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August 2007




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Aug. 10th, 2007



[11/05] The Season 07/08: League Predictions

As the season is set to begin in mere hours later on today, our last activity for is the oft-done and always fun league predictions! Have Bayern indeen learned from last season and will their transfer market activity be enough to hand them the title? Who will be this season's "dark horse"? Who will crumble under the pressure, be it team or player?

And how will those teams competing in international competitions fare? How far will a German team get in the Champion's League? Will Bayern destroy all competition in the UEFA Cup? How will the DFB Cup go?

Will we see a mass firing of coaches like we did last season, or will most teams be safe this year? Will see another Manuel Neuer, with some new young prodigy taking the reins from an older star?

Whatever the prediction, we'd love to hear it. This is the last activity of the pre-season, but as always, there's no time limit.

I don't know if Bill had anything planned, so if not, on behalf of the other mods, I'd like to thank everyone for following along! Even if you didn't post anything yourself, hopefully reading the activities got you thinking about the game and the teams you love. Everyone enjoy the new season!

Aug. 8th, 2007



[11/03] The Season 07/08: DFB Cup

The first round of this season's DFB Cup is over, and already, the championship proved once again that it has its own rules. Bayer Leverkusen dropped out against FC St. Pauli, who just got promoted to the second league; Werder Bremen had difficulties with Eintracht Braunschweig, who got relegated to the third league; German champion VfB Stuttgart had a quite passionate match against a second league club, including four send-offs and five yellow cards; Bayern München was dragged into a nerve-wrecking penalty shoot-out by the recently relegated third-league club Wacker Burghausen; Energie Cottbus met Rot-Weiß Essen for the third time since 2005 and lost for the second.

Having teams of all major leagues play against each other is definitely an interesting concept, but results like this add the necessary spice to it. Therefore, today's activity is about the DFB Cup. Share your predictions for this season's tournament, post anecdotes of past tournaments. Present DFB Cup heroes. Follow your team's path through the history of the DFB Cup. Discuss matches. Everything's welcome here.

Aug. 7th, 2007

Football// Zlatan - Only God Can Judge M


[11/02] The Season 07/08: The New Squads

During the summer break, the league has been filled with transfers, lineup changes and shake ups all across the board. Some of our favorite teams have gone from being our usual eleven to a completely different format while others have only changed one or two key players. The lineup is everything and we live and die by who presents on the pitch.

Today, we would like to ask you to present the new squad of your favorite club. You can include new transfers to your team, whose back in training, whose out with an injury, whatever you like, make it fun. You could also write a short introduction for the new players on your team. Maybe people aren't aware of who this person is, maybe he's a new player that just came up from the underage teams. And last, but not least, look at your team and forget about positions for a moment. If you could look at the friendlies and the test games and your favorite team was solely yours to present on the pitch, what would your dream lineup be? Who would you send out as your top eleven? Let us know and have fun with it. We look forward to seeing your posts!

Aug. 6th, 2007

New Moon On Monday


[11/01] The Season 07/08: The League Cup

Three years after their last League Cup, FC Bayern Munich have claimed once again their place as the biggest winners of the Ligapokal, with six cups under their belt.
The Premiere Ligapokal is the short tournament that brings together the best in German football - the best teams of the Bundesliga, the German Cup winners and the winner of the 2. Bundesliga. And it's also the first glimpse before the start of the season, the tournament that gets the bets going and gives us the first clues as to who might be the next Bundesliga champion.

We're starting our last week at nach_spielzeit, and we're already looking forward to the beginning of the season.

And our first step in this last week is the same first step the best German clubs of last season have taken - the League Cup.

You can share pictures, results, information, match summaries, or just your opinion. We welcome your contributions! :D

Aug. 3rd, 2007



[10/05] Other Leagues: Research Projects

Today's activity is all about research. Whether it be a foreign player that you like, but know nothing about, or if it's that one team that fascinates you, yet you don't know much about them, those are the subjects for today's project.

Keeping to foreign leagues and foreign players, pick one that has caught your eye for whatever reason and look up some info on them. This is similar to the Pimp My Player/Team post, except for this one we'd like you to focus on a subject that you're not familiar with. This is a learning opportunity for you, to finally go out and find out more about that team or player that has captivated you.

Aug. 1st, 2007


Pimp My League: MLS

MLS is my local league. I like it, even though sometimes it's retarded (oh hai guys did you know that BECKHAM IS COMING OMFG LOL?!?). The level of play is decent, and the teams are pretty even - no La Liga "oh will Real Madrid or Barcelona win this year" or EPL "which of these four teams will will" or Ligue 1 "how long has Lyon been winning" bullshit. Tickets aren't mind numbingly expensive either, some of the General Admission seats are as low as $10 (even lower if you're under 18), VIP section seats seem to be around $75. Which is very good considering I'm going to college near a team and my near-broke self will be able to come up with about $20 for some decent seats. :D

Anyway, onwardCollapse )


[10/03] Other Leagues: Foreign OTPs

Every league has its special OTPs; friendships and affiliations that are known throughout the world and that people happily write fic about. We've had an activity on the OTPs of the Bundesliga, now it's your turn to prove that other countries have subtextual player affiliations, too! Share information and pictures, post a list of fic recs, ask for fic recs - anything goes! Spread the word about your favourite foreign OTP!

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