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staying off the cold football turkey

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When the end of a season is drawing near, players and club officials are looking forward to the summer break to rejuvenate, relax, and gather new strength. Fans usually don't look forward to the summer break, because to them, it means months without football.
This community was brought to life to change that. Inspired by potc_dogwatch, we'll be doing our best to supply you with daily/weekly activities to keep you busy and off the Cold Football Turkey. Everyone can participate, and there's no deadline on the activities - you can do them at any time, just indicate which challenge or prompt you're responding to when you post.
The main focus of this community is the German Bundesliga and the German national team, but we will have a couple of challenges and activities considering other leagues as well, simply because many football fans support more than just one league.
This community is slash-friendly.

Membership to this community is not moderated. Everyone can join and post new entries and comments immediately. Please stick to the rules to make this community enjoyable for all of us.
If you want to help us by becoming a moderator, please send an » e-mail including your livejournal nickname, your age and a short description of what you want to help us with. You'd make us ecstatic with that.

  • Be polite. You might not always agree with other people's opinions, but you should respect them.
  • Stay on topic. If your post doesn't concern football, it doesn't belong in this community.
  • No friends!locking. All entries in this community should be readable for everyone, and you shouldn't post or link to illegal things here, either.
  • Please use the LJ-Cut wisely. If you post more than one picture (or if one picture you post is very large), please put it behind a cut. The same goes for icons, articles that include spoilers for matches and large portions of text.
  • The language of this community is English. If you post entries in German, please provide with an English translation. Fanfiction can be posted in other languages if you include an English disclaimer/summary.
  • General guidelines for Livejournal can be found » here.
  • This list will be edited/extended when necessary.

  • A list of all activities that have been posted so far can be found » here.
  • Do you want to suggest an activity? Leave us a comment in the » Suggestion Box!
  • Looking for something? Our list of tags is » here.

Misc Stuff
Your friendly maintainers are drbillbongo, kurdt105, wispykitty, epee_girl, das_teufelchen and louphoenix.
The idea for this community belongs to fabu, who set up potc_dogwatch.
Thanks to louphoenix for suggesting "Nach-Spielzeit" as a community name, and to epee_girl for the wonderful pimping banners.

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If you want to affiliate with this community, just send an » e-mail or leave a comment to » this post. Please keep in mind that we only affiliate with journals that are in some way related to this community.

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